Social Media Business Services

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social media business services

Our social media business services include:

Option 1: Social media action plan

We develop turnkey social media action plans for businesses like yours. The deliverable is a unique, customized, action plan. It defines objectives, priorities, setup steps, ongoing tasks, metrics, and ROI.   Read more…

Option 2: The setup: Accounts, platforms, and profiles

We’ll set you up with appropriate presence. We coordinate that with your marketing strategy. We take messaging and images from your website. We put them onto  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. We do it so you don’t have to.   Read more … 

Option 3: Consistent presence, regular updates

Our social media business services are ideal for business owners who don’t have time to do it themselves, or budget or need to hire an employee, we offer a great compromise. We do thoughtful, strategic content in multiple posts, tweets, and updates every work day, so that over time your business has its own social media stream that builds the business.  We don’t use interns or offshore hires. We do it ourselves. Read more … 

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(And yes, the business name is Eugene Social. This is its website.)

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