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Fewer Facebook page likes = better data?

Facebook very recently announced that it’s making some changes to the way page likes are counted. To make these likes more meaningful, FB is removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from pages’ likes counts. I know some may panic at that news because it sounds like their fan numbers will decrease. However, this update will be Read more about Fewer Facebook page likes = better data?[…]

google minus or google+

Minus one for Google+

It was clear that Google+ was never going to be a hit like Facebook or Pinterest, but I really thought it would gain momentum eventually. I certainly didn’t foresee that it would end so soon. News is quickly spreading that the Google+ platform will be done away with and its features will be split up Read more about Minus one for Google+[…]


Why and how you should automate your social media posts

For six months I handled a startup’s various social media channels. During this time, I posted all updates manually – not very practical, seeing as we were in a different time zone to that of our main client base. Why didn’t I use a scheduling tool? Well I believed (and still do, somewhat) that automated Read more about Why and how you should automate your social media posts[…]


+1 for Google Plus polls

Did you notice that Google Plus quietly introduced polls for posts? If you’re on Google+ for business social media, you can now ask for opinions & preferences from your audience. It’s not a groundbreaking feature; Facebook offered the same for some time, but they ended up removing the option to post polls. The poll feature Read more about +1 for Google Plus polls[…]

The Big 5

The best for your business: select a social media platform

We’ve spoken about picking social media platforms before, but there are specific kinds of businesses that do particularly well on certain social network sites. Neil Patel, from QuickSprout.com, has compiled an infographic (below) outlining which social media platforms are best suited to your business. The most important points to take away are: 1. Twitter Because Read more about The best for your business: select a social media platform[…]

Analytics simplified for Pinterest.

Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 4

Apart from optimizing your profile, pins, and boards, there are several other things you can do to make the most out of Pinterest for your business. 1. Pinterest plugins   There are a range of options for your website, such as the Pin It and Follow button, as well as widgets for embedding individual pins, Read more about Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 4[…]

See what happens when they're allowed to roam free? Pic: Jean-no

Don’t feed the trolls… starve and slay them

Anyone who’s spent even one day browsing through social media sites will have come across an Internet troll. Online trolls or spammers (there is a difference between the two, but we should mostly deal with both in the same way) have one aim: to disrupt. Their comments on blogs, posts, and forums can range from Read more about Don’t feed the trolls… starve and slay them[…]

Etsy does it right: a short and sweet, optimized pin.

Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 3

Pinterest’s most special and important element is the pin. Pins are individual images or videos that are uploaded or shared through your profile, newsfeed, or external websites, and posted (‘pinned’) under one of your boards. People can like, repin, and share your pin with their Facebook friends or email contacts. They can also visit your website directly through Read more about Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 3[…]


Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 1

Pinterest may seem like a picture-happy site for people who have way too much time on their hands. (Well, that’s what I thought when I first heard of it.) But this social network can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.  With tens of millions of users worldwide, pinners are the ones who will Read more about Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 1[…]


Let’s hash out the #hashtag

Hashtags are becoming more and more popular because they’re no longer limited to Twitter; now they’ve spread to most major social networks. If you haven’t been using them as part of your social media strategy, you’re missing out on getting the best possible results for your business posts. What’s a hashtag? It’s a word or Read more about Let’s hash out the #hashtag[…]