10 Steps to Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

Great customer service used to refer to successful interactions with customers in person, over the phone, or through email. These days, however, the users of products and services are increasingly turning to public platforms—social media sites in particular—to share their feedback, air their grievances, or simply ask questions.

Some people see this as a good thing, while others fear the power that customers now have to undermine your business online. But instead of panicking when someone posts a complaint, look at it as an opportunity to address and resolve their issue, turn them into an advocate for your brand and, hopefully, strengthen your reputation.

And it’s actually possible to do all this by integrating some good practices into your customer service on social media. With a bit of training and by implementing a system that instructs your team on how to interact with customers, you can turn social media communication into one of your company’s strengths.

As a guide, try out Headway Capital’s 10 steps for social media customer care, which are outlined in the infographic below. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Always respond to customers.
  2. Address high-priority messages first.
  3. Respond to messages within an hour.
  4. Personalize responses by using your and their names.
  5. Share positive feedback with your audience.
  6. Recognize when correspondence needs to be private.
  7. Monitor the brand’s reputation online.
  8. Include customer queries in your FAQs and help articles.
  9. Don’t engage with trolls. (Or shut them down.)
  10. Use social media analytics to monitor success.

Infographic by: Headway Capital.

3 thoughts on “10 Steps to Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

  • LOVE the infographic! Unfortunately there are a lot of companies that see social media as some kind of ‘fluff’ and don’t treat it seriously and of course that is where bad customer service can happen. And as a result, that disgruntled customer then shares their bad experience all over social media and the situation gets worse!

    • Thanks for your comment. Completely agree that many companies don’t value social media as much as they should – and it has the potential to boost or sometimes kill their business!

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