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2015: The year to launch your business

The start of a new year is an excellent time to begin something big; an excuse to take risks. If you’ve been putting it off, Mike Templeman from Entrepreneur suggests some  very good reasons to make 2015 the year you finally start that business.
1. The economy
It’s no surprise that when times are hard, the urge to take that entrepreneurial leap is almost non-existent. But Templeman claims that the robust economy signals that it’s time to dig out that business plan.
In late December, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (stock market index) hit a record-setting all-time high; the U.S. economy expanded in the third quarter by the most in 11 years.
“The key theme coming into 2015 is a confident consumer that is driven by the tail winds of higher levels of employment, lower costs of energy and higher equity market.”
2. Investor money 
If you’ve been reluctant to start something because of a lack of funding, this is your year. Apparently 2014 was “a banner year for venture capital investments”; the number of successful deals and amount of money invested eclipsed that of any other year since before 2001.
Before you get ahead of yourself, however, don’t forget that no matter how fortunate you are, launching a business poses a great financial risk. Prepare yourself when raising VC money.
3. Networks & world markets 
It used to be that you needed a considerably large group of (offline) contacts to get your business off the ground and exposed to new opportunities. However, several reputable online professional networks, such as LinkedIn and Google+, make it easier, faster, and more convenient to expand your circles and business.
Furthermore, thanks to the digital age, you no longer have to search for local (and more expensive) talent to help you with things like online marketing, building a website, designs, etc.
Online marketplaces – such as oDesk and Elance – offer a large pool of qualified, international freelancers and agencies to provide quality work, usually at a lower cost. And that’s just what a new business needs.
4. Insight & access to experts 
The Internet is a powerhouse of information – you have access to almost anything. With the emergence and increasing popularity of free e-learning platforms such as MOOCs, it’s possible to gain anything from basic to expert knowledge in certain subjects or fields.
When it comes to learning, search engines, ebooks, and blogs are your best friends. Plus, with established experts bringing their knowledge online, and being available through services like Quora, you receive useful advice at little or zero cost. So a lack of resources cannot be a reason for not starting a business! 
5. If not now, then when? 
There’s always going to be a ‘next year’, but if you keep putting it off, your business will never happen – or happen too late. You’re now one year wiser and more experienced; use this advantage to support your initiatives in 2015.
Don’t waste any more time perfecting ideas or mulling over obstacles. If you really believe that you have the potential to create profitable, valuable, and successful business, go for it.

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