4 Easy SEO Tips to Implement Right Now

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always a priority when it comes to your business’s online presence. How you rank in search results affects your site traffic, and consequently sales and whatever else your website aims to achieve.

SEO can seem complicated, especially for small businesses that are just starting out, but there are a few simple things you can do immediately to improve your site’s performance.

Produce high-quality content regularly.

This tip is reiterated by most SEO advice posts out there, and for good reason. Publishing original, useful content on a frequent basis can boost your rankings and drive traffic to your site. Examples of the content that you can publish include:

  • Longer, evergreen blog posts
  • How-to and behind-the-scenes videos
  • Shareable visual content such as infographics

Another idea is to post guest content now and again so that others link to your site. And, at minimum, aim to produce one piece of fresh content at least once a week. Whatever you post, remember that the content should be focused on your target audience (not on Google’s search algorithms).

Optimize your site for mobile viewing.

The importance of this one continues to grow, and is a major determining factor in how you rank. You must, must optimize your website for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and even phone watches. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to assess your site.

When designing for mobile users, your top two priorities are simplicity and speed. Google also offers PageSpeed Insights to test your website’s speed performance in general. Similarly, ensure that your site is compatible on all the major browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Work on getting backlinks to your site.

Backlinks are another big SEO influencer. Generally, the more external sites that link to yours, the better your chances of ranking higher. But the number of links that direct to your site are not the only thing that matter—they must be quality links too (from trustworthy and related/relevant pages). Here’s some advice for linking:

  • Aim to get backlinks to different pages on your site. For example, encourage fans on social media to link to individual blog posts, not just the home page.
  • Don’t forget to provide your own backlinks by posting your URL somewhere on all your social media pages as well as on other sites where you have a business presence.
  • Remember that linking internally is also important. Each of your website’s pages should link to other pages on your site.

Get set up on Google My Business.

Believe it or not, Google actually wants to help small business rank well. It offers a free service that consolidates the details about your business and boosts your visibility to customers. For maximum effectiveness, it’s essential that you provide the following: phone number, physical address (if you’re a local business), store opening times, website URL, images, etc.

The main benefit of getting set up with Google My Business is that people will be able to quickly access the important info about your business through Maps or Google search. Additionally, you’ll then be able to see Reviews, Google Analytics, Insights, Google+, etc. all from one dashboard!

Here are some more ways to boost your rankings. Do you have any SEO tips of your own to add? 

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