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Why Us?

What does it take to help small business owners with social media? We have several decades of small business experience. We know how business ownership feels. We’ve lived the problems of risk, making payroll, getting sales, watching costs, and always looking for ways to get more customers, and keep the ones we already have, without breaking the budget and without losing out on new opportunities.
And we know social media. We have more than 25,000 followers on the various Twitter handles we manage, and we’re proficient on Facebook and Pinterest for business as well. We understand what and how to do what we do, we’re respectful of the need to manage a social media persona for business purposes, strategically, intelligently, and respectfully.
Lauras_pageFounder Laura Berry is social media coordinator for Women On Business, the person behind @womenonbusiness on Twitter. She’s also running @LauraBerry123 on Twitter as herself, and @HavePresenceLLC for us. Those three accounts have 5,000 followers between them. Laura has a BA double degree in Spanish and Education from the University of Notre Dame, MA Education from the University of Oregon. Single mom, born in Mexico City, bilingual English/Spanish. Click here for more  about Laura.
And in truth Have Presence is me, Laura. No interns, no part-time help, so what you see is what you get. At least for now. Not that I wouldn’t like to grow this business and hire some help, but for now at least, if you use Have Presence, you work with me.

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