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Laura Berry, Social Media Expert

Laura Berry Social Media Expert

She started Have Presence LLC  in 2012 with a contract with a New York startup. In the first six months she generated more than 8,000 tweets, attracted 1,000 followers, and reached a Klout score of 51, which is about 85th percentile. Shortly after that she became Social Media Coordinator for womenonbusiness.com, which has doubled its followers to 9,000 and tripled its Klout score to 60 (90+ percentile) during the year she’s been managing it. That’s @womenonbusiness in Twitter. She now runs social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest for several additional clients. For a quick look at her work, try the Twitter accounts @TheStClairGroup, @creceya (in Spanish), or the Facebook account Vanetec Inc.
Laura has 13 years experience with Palo Alto Software (Eugene OR) in multiple roles including sales, customer service, customer support, and assistant to CFO. What started as business plan consulting in the 1980s became business plan software and moved to Eugene in 1992. In Eugene it became a major multi-million-dollar family business selling directly to consumers and mostly over the web. She was always the best in the company at dealing with the rare unhappy and unreasonable customer.
She is a dean’s-list graduate of the University of Notre Dame (the one in South Bend IN with the Golden Dome) with a BA double-degree BA in Spanish and Education; and she holds an MA from the University of Oregon in Education. She is also a single mom with one son. She was born in Mexico City, and is completely bilingual with English and Spanish.
Why work with Laura for social media? Because you can trust her experience, maturity, and common sense. She’s not a social media guru. She doesn’t write articles or give workshops. But she understands how to manage your persona intelligently. She understands how to make your persona respectful and appropriate. You will be in good hands.