facebook advertising

How to Make the Most of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has over a billion active users every day, ranging from students and parents to business owners and celebrity figures. Even if only a fraction of this number meets your target audience’s profile, that’s still a lot of people who could potentially buy your products, download your app, or read your blog posts. With that Read more about How to Make the Most of Facebook Advertising[…]


An Introduction to Emojis for Your Marketing Strategy

Whether they delight or annoy you, emojis are becoming more and more ubiquitous in everyday online communications. As a result, social networks and messaging apps are expanding their emoji options for users, and other businesses are using them to drive their marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a good marketing company, you might as Read more about An Introduction to Emojis for Your Marketing Strategy[…]

content marketing

3 Trends to Revive Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2017

It’s quite depressing when you invest time, money and energy into producing what you think is a great piece of content, only to have a few or even zero users engage with it. Despite research and trying new strategies, this fruitless process can soon become a cycle of disappoint. So where does the problem lie—with your Read more about 3 Trends to Revive Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2017[…]

social media conversation

How to Join a Social Media Conversation

Would you go up to two strangers in a café, and interrupt them mid-conversation to talk about your business? Those who have a shred of sanity wouldn’t, yet somehow a lot of people think it’s acceptable to do so online, especially on social media platforms. Perhaps it’s because discussions on the Internet are visible to Read more about How to Join a Social Media Conversation[…]

cold tweeting

Cold Tweeting: Are You Doing It Wrong?

It’s inevitable that with the rise of social media, businesses will have to think of new ways to reach out to potential customers and market themselves. Cold calling is a common sales technique in the offline world, but what’s its equivalent in the Digital Age? Cold emails and cold tweeting are often considered to be Read more about Cold Tweeting: Are You Doing It Wrong?[…]


Practical Tips That Will Get Your Headline Clicks

A lot of the time, writers are so focused on the body of text that they forget one of the most important elements of the article, blog post, press release or whatever it is they’re writing. I’m talking about the headline of course (or title or heading—whatever you want to call it). The funny thing Read more about Practical Tips That Will Get Your Headline Clicks[…]

vimeo or youtube

YouTube vs. Vimeo from a Consumer’s Point of View

There’s plenty of debate online about whether Vimeo or YouTube is the best video platform for businesses. But what about the perspective of the actual viewers? Which is the better site to watch a video on? The interesting thing about each of these services is that sometimes, a certain feature or characteristic can be both Read more about YouTube vs. Vimeo from a Consumer’s Point of View[…]

Growing a marketing plan

The Practical Online Marketing Plan

You know that digital marketing is vital for your small business. Your clients, potential clients, and competitors are all online – so you need to be. That’s why you have to consider looking for app development companies, like XAM Consulting, to really give you the outcome you are expecting for your business. But maybe it Read more about The Practical Online Marketing Plan[…]

Real Numbers on Facebook Ads

My thanks to Forbes.com, for summarizing Facebook ad numbers. Forbes was reporting COO Sheryl Sandberg’s latest conference call with stock analysts. She quoted these numbers from a detailed study. media plans that included Facebook reached people who would not have seen the campaigns otherwise.  In fact, 45% of those reached were reached exclusively through Facebook. Facebook had a Read more about Real Numbers on Facebook Ads[…]

The Storytelling at the Heart of Future Marketing

My thanks to Social Media Today for embedding this video on their post titled 4 ways to prepare a Facebook content plan. That’s a good post, too. Especially this, prepared by Coca Cola, on what they call “passionate storytelling.” regarding future marketing. This is golden. And what about a company of the size and scope Read more about The Storytelling at the Heart of Future Marketing[…]