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How to Make the Most of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has over a billion active users every day, ranging from students and parents to business owners and celebrity figures. Even if only a fraction of this number meets your target audience’s profile, that’s still a lot of people who could potentially buy your products, download your app, or read your blog posts. With that Read more about How to Make the Most of Facebook Advertising[…]

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What Do the New Facebook Reactions Mean for Business Pages?

Last year, Facebook hinted that it would soon roll out a dislike button on its platform, which provoked both interest and apprehension in some users. But in late February, the site officially announced the new Facebook Reactions, an extension of the “like” button: Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry These additions are great because likes Read more about What Do the New Facebook Reactions Mean for Business Pages?[…]

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Facebook Dislike Button: Bad for Business?

In a recent Q&A session at Facebook’s headquarters in California, FB founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network is working on and almost ready to roll out a dislike button for its users. Surprisingly, this news has been met with a lot criticism. I say “surprisingly” because for years, many users have been suggesting Read more about Facebook Dislike Button: Bad for Business?[…]

Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Facebook Ratings and Reviews: Q&A

A 2014 local consumer review survey by BrightLocal found that 88% of users read online customer reviews to determine the quality of a local business; 85% read up to 10 reviews before making a purchasing decision; and 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! With such weight placed on Read more about Facebook Ratings and Reviews: Q&A[…]

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Fewer Facebook page likes = better data?

Facebook very recently announced that it’s making some changes to the way page likes are counted. To make these likes more meaningful, FB is removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from pages’ likes counts. I know some may panic at that news because it sounds like their fan numbers will decrease. However, this update will be Read more about Fewer Facebook page likes = better data?[…]

Why your Facebook page’s organic reach is plummeting

As mentioned before, from Jan 2015, Facebook will start penalizing business pages for posting certain types of promotional content. As a manager of two brand pages, I’ve also noticed something else. As the weeks and months pass by, organic reach seems to be declining steadily. ‘Organic reach’ refers to how many people you can reach for free Read more about Why your Facebook page’s organic reach is plummeting[…]

Is Facebook still good for business?

In mid-November, Facebook announced a change to its newsfeed, one that will be pretty important for business pages going forward. Starting from next year, people will see less promotional posts from pages: “News Feed is already a competitive place — as more people and Pages are posting content, competition to appear in News Feed has increased. Read more about Is Facebook still good for business?[…]

Real Numbers on Facebook Ads

My thanks to Forbes.com, for summarizing Facebook ad numbers. Forbes was reporting COO Sheryl Sandberg’s latest conference call with stock analysts. She quoted these numbers from a detailed study. media plans that included Facebook reached people who would not have seen the campaigns otherwise.  In fact, 45% of those reached were reached exclusively through Facebook. Facebook had a Read more about Real Numbers on Facebook Ads[…]

The Storytelling at the Heart of Future Marketing

My thanks to Social Media Today for embedding this video on their post titled 4 ways to prepare a Facebook content plan. That’s a good post, too. Especially this, prepared by Coca Cola, on what they call “passionate storytelling.” regarding future marketing. This is golden. And what about a company of the size and scope Read more about The Storytelling at the Heart of Future Marketing[…]

Can Research Make You Dumber?

Can research make you dumber? It can if you believe it.  I just read Can Facebook Make You Fat and Poor? on Mashable. It’s a post by David Mielach, of BusinessNewsDaily.  In particular, the researchers found that social media users were more likely to binge eat and have a higher body-mass index. Frequent Facebook users also were Read more about Can Research Make You Dumber?[…]