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Color Your Logo Correctly

Many people underestimate the power of color when it comes to a business and its branding. But color can actually make the difference between someone reaching for your product or turning their eyes away from it!
So choosing a color for your logo and marketing materials is important, but where do you start? There are several things to think about:

  • What emotions, connotations and messages do you want to convey to a potential consumer?
  • If your color had a personality, what would it be like?
  • Have you run the color (and logo) by a few people who best represent your target audience/customer? What color are they likely to prefer and trust?
  • What colors does your competition use? Perhaps it’s best to go in another direction to stand out.
  • How does your target audience interpret color? This is subjective to every individual, so instead consider:
  1. Their age and gender (for example, there are various studies proving that women’s preference for certain colors differs to that of men’s).
  2. Their location and background (various nations and cultures interpret colors differently).
  3.  What emotions are they looking for / what do they want to get out of your business? Confidence, excitement, reassurance?

Because the concept of color is best expressed visually, below are some great visual color guides that can help you make the right choice…

The “Psychology Of Color In Logo Design” by The Logo Company.

“Colors in Culture” by Information is Beautiful. (Right-click on image and open in new tab to see full size.)


color-preferences-by-gender1 (2)“Colors by Gender” by Kissmetrics

“How to choose a colour scheme for your logo design” by Creative Bloq.

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