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Cool New Navigation in Rebelmouse

Do you know Rebelmouse at Rebelmouse.com? If not, take a look. It’s an automatic social media page, collecting and consolidating streams and collections of streams, always updated with every new update in the steam. Earlier today I posted 7 reasons I’m loving Rebelmouse on my main blog. 

We’re already using it on this site for our front page and blog page. And our Rebelmouse pages are at www.rebelmouse.com/smplans/ and www.rebelmouse.com/ourblog/ 

I went to my Rebelmouse dashboard today and discovered really interesting new navigation possibilities for Rebelmouse pages. Here is what I saw, annotated: 

To me, this is exciting. I’ve been using WordPress and the Rebelmouse WordPress plugin to include a menu with my Rebelmouse content. I can’t wait to see what I can do with the built-in tab menu on the site. 

(Disclosure: Bias. I’m involved with Rebelmouse. Google either Paul Berry or Megan Berry and you’ll see why.) 

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