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Create Your Unique Selling Proposition in 6 Steps

It’s hard to find something unique about your business when there are so many other successful businesses currently operating in your field, and so many new ones springing up.
But if you want customers to pick you over your competitors, then finding―and selling―this special something is crucial. You need to make sure that your target audience is aware of your unique selling proposition (USP).
So, what exactly is a USP?
It’s an aspect (or aspects) of your business that makes it different to or better than others that sell the same thing―an aspect that is valuable to the customer. This can range from your vision/mission statement and your efficient way of running business, to something about the actual product, or even your spectacular customer service.
Profit Pod has outlined 6 implementation steps for creating your USP, and we’ll take a look at each of them below.

1. Describe your target audience.

This is a crucial first step. How are you going to find your USP if you don’t know who your customers will be?
Define who you are targeting: their demographics, situations (whether financial, work-related or personal), interests, and their behaviors. Be as specific as possible.

2. Explain the problem you solve.

To do this, you need to know what problem it is that your customers have. What challenge, need, want or wish are you solving or fulfilling for them? And how do you plan to that?

3. List the biggest distinctive benefits.

Write down what sets you apart from the competition. Why would/do people come to you and not someone else? E.g. convenience, reliability, affordability, etc.

4. Define your promise.

Whether implied or explicit, this promise is the core of your USP. Refine and follow through on what you’ve pledged to the customer.

5. Combine and rework.

Take all the points from steps 1 to 4, and combine them into one text. Merge them, add to them, and take out anything repetitive.

6. Cut it down.

In this final stage, take the text from step 5 and condense it into just one clear and accurate sentence. This is your unique selling proposition; it should be simple and specific, yet powerful.
Test this USP on potential customers and refine it according to their responses. Spend a considerable amount of time on this process until you are completely happy with the end result.
And, once you have the perfect USP, don’t forget to include it in all your marketing efforts!

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