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Do You Think 'Be Lazy' 'Do Less' and 'Ignore Trends' Is Good Advice?

I love the contrarians. Surprise me, please. Puncture the myths, buck the trends, ignore the cliches. Brad Smith goes straight contrarian with these three tips for social media success: 

  1. Be lazy
  2. Do less
  3. Ignore trends

That sparked some interesting comments for the post on Social Media Today.  I bet that doesn’t surprise you. 

But when you look at it, his advice isn’t that contrarian. It’s two-thirds content and one third skepticism.

The two thirds content is (first) suggesting that providing good content allows you to be lazy because instead of pursuing people, you offer content, and they pursue you. And (second) that doing less is creating content instead of lots of updates. Both points seem valid to me; neither point is surprising, 

And on that last third, ignoring trends, Brad has an interesting example. He says Pinterest is all the rage, but businesses will find Pinterest traffic isn’t necessarily their target market. I suppose that’s true, but he goes on to suggest that following trends is the opposite of working on marketing fundamentals. I don’t think that’s really true.

Still, there are some interesting ideas there. And twisting the unexpected, with what sounds like bad advice but turned on its side, is fun. Nice post.

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