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Here's Why You Want to Blog

I read 6 reasons startups should consider selling to small businesses, not big enterprises on VentureBeat. I agree with all six reasons, and then some (but that’s a different post; more on that tomorrow). What struck me about this post today is the obvious great example of the value of good blogging. In this case, the eyeballs, and the links. 

VentureBeat on Startups

Consider the picture here, with my highlight on the link. Andrew Gazdecki wrote an excellent post and got VentureBeat to publish it.  VentureBeat is huge, prestigious, and gets a lot of traffic. So for his blog post Andrew got: 

  • The SEO benefits of a link from VentureBeat to his site. 
  • The traffic benefits of that link and people following it. 
  • The eyeballs, including mine. 
  • And this blog post. 

I’d never heard of Biziness Apps. I clicked, I looked, and I filed it away. I’m in the target market. I might follow up.

So that’s a good argument for business blogging. Right? 

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