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Improve Your Social Media Engagement with these 5 Steps

Even if your social media posts are getting plenty of impressions, users need to interact with them in order to perform a desired action (signups, downloads, purchases, etc.).
This means that you need comments, shares/retweets/pins, likes/hearts and especially clicks if you’re directing them to a website, for example.
Although each site is different, there are a few methods you can use that will encourage interactions on all platforms. Here are Zoran Bosancic’s 5 tips to boost your social media engagement:

1. Make Your Content Personal

This should be a given but, surprisingly, the human element is something that many brands and businesses lack.
Your followers want something personal… something that makes them feel connected to your vision or mission. One way you can do this is by including text that’s written in a conversational, not formal, tone.
What I find especially cringeworthy are salesy posts—you know, the ones that scream, “BUY NOW!” or the like. Of course, one of the main goals of Facebook, Twitter, etc. is promotion, but another major goal is to foster a community. Never forget the “social” is social media marketing.
But remember, this doesn’t mean that you have to forgo professionalism. How personal you want to be depends on what type of company you run and your relationship with its audience.

2. Include Clever Visuals

I like reading, but many Internet users don’t. These days, people just skim through text, so you need get their attention as quickly as possible (by catching their eye).
Most online audiences are attracted to visuals: photographs, infographics, videos, etc. So if you’re constantly sharing links and text-only posts, try to switch it up and see how that affects your metrics.
This is not to say that your post should contain only images; usually, the primary aim is to get people reading, so use visuals to accompany/enhance valuable text content.

3. Add a Call to Action

Whether it’s to enter a giveaway, sign a petition, or register for a free trial, your social media post should have a purpose: getting the user to perform a specific action.
Make this CTA very clear; if you want them to click or share content, say so. If you’re asking a question, mention that you’d like a response to it in the comments. Be very clear about your intentions, otherwise followers will simply scroll past your post with hardly a glance.

4. Stay Consistent

Consistency is key with online marketing of any kind, but especially with social media. Your audience needs to know what to expect of you, as well as when and how often to expect it.
Posting irregularly and infrequently quickly kills any interest in your profile or page. So you need to provide valuable content on a regular basis. To make this process easier, automate your posts with scheduling tools.

5. React Fast

Social media never stops—it’s a 24/7 tool. Various studies have shown that Facebook and Twitter users expect quick replies to their posts or messages, and they don’t care if it’s when you’re “out of office” either.
This makes managing your social channels tough, but it’s worth it. Being responsive is a great way to boost your engagement rates as well as the overall reputation of your brand.
Dedicate time and resources to all social activity online by setting up an ongoing social media business plan & schedule to help you stay on track.
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