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How to Join a Social Media Conversation

Would you go up to two strangers in a café, and interrupt them mid-conversation to talk about your business?
Those who have a shred of sanity wouldn’t, yet somehow a lot of people think it’s acceptable to do so online, especially on social media platforms. Perhaps it’s because discussions on the Internet are visible to the public and are easy to join. Whatever the reason, jumping into a social media conversation to advertise your product or service is just as unwelcome as it would be offline.

10 Strategies for Jumping into a Social Media Conversation

Always remember that people respond well to an open, positive approach, as well as genuine interest and valuable input. Avoid sales pitches at all costs; your aim is to learn from others and contribute in an appropriate and helpful way.
So if you want to join a social media conversation, but have no idea where to start, check out the infographic below. Social Success Marketing has collected some great advice from social businesses:

social media conversation

Infographic by Social Success Marketing.

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