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Organize your start-up: Part 1

I hear it all the time. Start-ups are supposed to be unpredictable, multi-directional, messy! That’s the supposed beauty of such a business.
Although this can be fun and exciting, it could also slow down progress and delay/stop you from achieving your goals. And, without some semblance of stability, it could send your team members off in search of greener pastures.
If you believe in your product/service, and are serious about your company, then here are a few tips to keep your start-up on track.
Chaos seems to be a start-up trademark. But it could hinder development. There needs to be some focus – in the mind and in the business.
1. Declutter the workspace. This may seem insignificant but trust me, untidiness in the office only worsens the disorder of the work process. Even if you guys are working out of a garage, take some time to physically straighten things out; arrange your desks & computers in a work-conducive way.
Remove anything non-essential. I worked at a start-up that had a bed in the room. A worn-out, cozy-looking bed. How on Earth does that encourage productivity? Keep it simple.
2. Center on a core product. Don’t try to be or do everything at once. If you really don’t have one main thing to concentrate on, think of the mission & vision of your company.
What do you want to be remembered for? Excellent customer service? A flexible service? Special deals and discounts? Work towards whatever that is and keep that as your number one priority.
3. If you start something, finish it. (Unless it really is a waste of time.) I find that people often discuss or plan tasks/projects, start them, delay, abandon, then restart them. This of course happens with shifting priorities, emergency assignments, etc.
But if you keep that up, things will never get done. Start with smaller tasks that take from an hour to a day to complete – don’t get distracted by something you think is more important – then move onto to those week or month-long projects.


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