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46 Facts Every Entrepreneur Should Know

With the state of today’s job environment, the notion of entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly attractive. However, knowing where to begin and what to expect are two of the main concerns facing would-be entrepreneurs. The infographic below will give you a good idea of the current entrepreneurial world. We’ve summarized some of its key takeaways here:…

Have You Forgotten Your Email Etiquette?

Email as a communication tool is taken for granted and even abused on a regular basis. I’m certainly guilty of this! However, using this tool carelessly not only leads to missed business opportunities, but can also undermine existing relationships with clients, partners, supervisors, etc. Dan Scalco has put down a simple yet fundamental list of…

Newbie Blogging Mistake 6: Forgetting to Have a Schedule

In this final post of the Newbie Blogging Mistakes series, I’ll take a look at one of the most important things that you need to do in order to be a successful blogger: creating and sticking to a blog posting schedule. The point of such a schedule is to help you determine how much /…

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