+1 for Google Plus polls

Did you notice that Google Plus quietly introduced polls for posts?

If you’re on Google+ for business social media, you can now ask for opinions & preferences from your audience. It’s not a groundbreaking feature; Facebook offered the same for some time, but they ended up removing the option to post polls.

The poll feature allows you to ask a question, offer a selection of 5 responses (your followers pick one), and you can also upload up to 2 photos to accompany the choices.


Why would G+ roll it out?

  1. It’s highly interactive; many users enjoy voting and people complained when Facebook removed the option to post polls.
  1. It’s a quick and smart way to find out what your target market wants or needs.
  1. It’s a nice little differentiator for the social network – especially for those of you who are not sure what to do with your G+ pages.

A few things to note:

  • What I love about G+ posts is that you can edit them after they go live; this can come in handy – especially since I often make textual mistakes after I’ve posted! You can do the same for polls; however, you can only edit your question and not the choices or photos.
  • You can’t close down a poll, but you can delete the entire post.
  • Those who don’t want to vote on the poll itself can use the comment box or +1 button, as normal.

– – –

So: will you be using G+ polls for your business page?

– Yes
– No
– I’m not on Google+

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