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Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 2

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All the images that you pin are collected under one or more Pinterest boards. And one of the first things that people see, when they visit your profile, will be your boards. After taking care of your Pinterest profile, it’s time to optimize your boards. 
1. Your board’s cover image is basically its selling point. So use an quality picture that represents the board topic well. Also adjust it so that the picture is shown clearly; in the bottom-right corner of the cover, Pinterest puts a little tag with the number of pins on that board, so make sure that label doesn’t block an essential part of the picture.
I recommend changing the cover once in a while; it keeps the board’s look from getting stale. It’s also nice to rearrange the order of the boards on your profile; do this by simply clicking on them and dragging them to where you want.
2. An uninhabited board doesn’t look good. Pinterest displays 5 images on the board’s profile (1 cover image and 4 small ones in a bottom row). If you don’t have at least 5 pins, perhaps make the board a secret one first, until you get enough. See the next point.
3. What are secret boards? I’ll give you a hint: they’re secret. Okay, weak sarcasm aside, they allow you to hide boards that you don’t want to display to the public. They’re visible to you at the bottom of your profile page.
These hidden boards are useful when you’re not sure what you want to do with a board, or if you just want to share the board with a select few. Note that you can’t turn a board that’s already public into a secret one.
4. Group boards are an excellent engagement practice on Pinterest. If you join someone else’s board, your pins get more exposure. If you create your own group board, and invite your followers/people you follow to pin on it, this brings more exposure to your Pinterest profile.
5. Of course, you’ll need to work on your board if you want it to get found. There are a couple of things to do when setting up a new board:

  • Categorize it correctly. Although Pinterest’s category selection is limited, choose the most suitable one so that your board shows up when people browse through categories. 
  • Your board’s title/name: The trick is to include keywords that will up your visibility, yet at the same time, not to use something like “Home Decor”, which will get lost amongst countless of other boards with the same name. So if you’re going to name it something less obvious like “Dress your Nest”, make sure you have the essential keyword(s) in the board’s description. 
  • Speaking of descriptions, your board’s one is essential when being indexed by Pinterest’s internal search tool. Write out an accurate description with very relevant keywords. Add a URL, if applicable.

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