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Promote your business with Pinterest: Part 4

pinterest_pin-it_iconApart from optimizing your profile, pins, and boards, there are several other things you can do to make the most out of Pinterest for your business.
1. Pinterest plugins  
There are a range of options for your website, such as the Pin It and Follow button, as well as widgets for embedding individual pins, boards, and your profile on the site. What are the benefits of including these?

  • Allows your audience to connect with you through social networks (where they might be spending most of their time).
  • They’ll also be able to share you products with friends through social media.
  • Increases your visibility on Pinterest, builds your following, and consequently improves your rank in search results. 

To get started right now, use the Widget Builder. To familiarize yourself first, read the instructions and learn about buttons for specific sites. 
Pinterest also provides apps and bookmarking buttons for iOS, Android, and your web browser. You can access these on the Pinterest Goodies page.
2. Cross-promoting
This boosts your visibility and social network following, and establishes a more concrete overall social media business presence. There are a few ways that you can link your Pinterest content with other sites:

  • Install a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. You can do this through the site itself, or use third-party tools like Woobox or Wishpond. See the latter’s example in action, here.
  • The simplest way to link your social media sites with each other is include the links to each one on the other’s profile, as well as occasionally posting about them to your readers.
  • Share your pins on Pinterest with your Twitter & FB friends. You’ll need to connect those profiles to your Pinterest one first.

3. Pinterest Analytics 
Once you’ve verified your website and added the Pin It button, you’ll be able to access your Pinterest Analytics (keep in mind that you also have to have a business account, not a personal one).
Trust me, it’s not at all as complicated as it sounds – and way less intimidating than Google Analytics! With PA, you’ll be able to see:

  • Which of your pins and boards are the most popular (in terms of repins, clicks, and impressions).
  • The demographics of your Pinterest audience, and what tools they use to pin your stuff.
  • The referral traffic to your site.

I guarantee that it’s worth it. Get it asap.

Analytics simplified for Pinterest.

Analytics simplified for Pinterest.

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And that’s it for our Promote your business with Pinterest series! Feel free to check in occasionally as HavePresence updates these posts with the most recent information.

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