October 2, 2012

Rebelmouse: Content Power

The future is content curation, not just content development. Not everybody is a blogger. Not everybody has to be. Now you can have a front page or ego page or business page that highlights the content you like. You choose streams, people, and items, and it creates your site. It’s called Rebelmouse, and you can get more information at rebelmouse.com.

We work closely with Rebelmouse. We use it for our blog, for the front page on timberry.com, and for the sidebar here on the right on this page, just as a demonstration.

Paul Berry, ex CTO of Huffington Post, is founder of Rebelmouse (and yes, we’re related).

So we can help you create an automatic home page or front page or social media page that constantly updates itself with your social media stream: your tweets, retweets, Facebook updates, Instagram updates, and any page on the web that you want to include. Most of that happens automatically, as you go about your social media business.

Athough we’re not in the business of WordPress or WordPress customizations, we run more than 10 WordPress sites between us and we can help you with Rebelmouse and WordPress is you want that help. And this is a WordPress site, so is timberry.com.

It’s been quite a sensation, as you can see from the quotes here:

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