December 4, 2014

Social Media Business Assessment

How well are you doing? Just fill in the information here and we’ll give you our assessment, site by site, platform by platform, on how you’re doing on four variables:

  • Branding: Your profile page images, profile text, links: How well do they match your main branding on your main website? How professional do they look? Do they reinforce your overall branding?
  • Engagement: It’s a conversation, many voices, many topics at once. Are you present? Listening? Answering?
  • Consistency: Are you there for the long term, an appropriate presence, lasting over time, building your business persona? Or is it (or was it) there for a while, then too busy?
  • Content: How well are you doing at offering content other people will care about? Is it content, real information and real opinion about real issues, or is it just clutter? Nobody cares what you had for lunch, but something useful, funny, or interesting matters. How well does it seem to match an implicit target audience?

For now, though, just please give us the information here, with absolutely no obligation, no credit cards, no commitment, and nothing confidential. These are simple inputs, all public information. And we’ll send you our assessment …

Of course we need your name and contact info. But without more than that, we have nothing to assess …

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Your social media sites. These are what we'll be looking at. If you have two or more of anything (two Facebooks, Twitter, etc.) please add the second in the "additional info" area below.

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Please answer this quiz. We're sorry to ask, but we get spam via bots and comment spam robots. Having this quiz helps:
Now just click the "send" button here to the right to send the email.

Thanks. We’ll look at the info here and get back to you.

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