October 17, 2012

Yes I Want a Plan

Why wait? You could have your social media action plan just a few days from now.

That includes priorities, strategy, realistic forecasts, business objectives, specific concrete and measurable goals, and ROI (return on investment). For more info on the plan, and a sample plan, click here.

We can do that for you for $2,995.

For now, though, just please give us the information here, with absolutely no obligation, no credit cards, no commitment, and nothing confidential. These are simple inputs, all public information. And we’ll send you an email with more details first, so you can just say no, or not reply to that email (look in your spam folder too, please)…

All we really need is your name and contact. But the rest helps if you have it …

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    For any of the rest of this, if you don't have it, don't worry. Give us what you have, and leave anything you want blank.

    Facebook page URL
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    Please answer this quiz. We're sorry to ask, but we get spam via bots and comment spam robots. Having this quiz helps:
    Now just click the "send" button here to the right to send the email.

    Thanks. We’ll look at the info here and get back to you about what we can do for $995.

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