I Do Social Media Posting

My Story

I was sales manager at Palo Alto Software when I fell in love with social media. I went on my own in 2012 with what I then called ‘Eugene Social’ … which I since renamed and rebranded as ‘Have Presence LLC‘. And I’ve been social media manager for Women in Business for almost a decade. And I do social media posting. I have done tens of thousands of tweets and posts for multiple clients, and reposting for Palo Alto Software too.

My Key Assumption

I grew up in a family business. I understand business ownership. Social media accounts are free, yes — but they take time and effort, thought, and care, to manage. It’s hard to trust anybody else to post for you. But that’s what I do, and I do it well. Just me, no interns. I’m in my late forties, I have decades of experience, single mom, former manager. I get your business. I do the social media posting for you.

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Decades in social media

I’ve been doing social media posting for clients as a turnkey service since 2012. See below for links to clients I’ve done for years.

Just me. No interns.

I don’t want to build a business with employees. I want to do the social media posting for your business, as a contractor.


I’ve had years with branding, careful content, the importance of representing you and your business well.

Laura Berry