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Social Media Back Scratching Explosion

(Sung to the tune of Reciprocity, from Chicago)
I think it’s brilliant: there, in a nutshell, LinkedIn points out one of the key drivers of social media: reciprocity. Here’s the picture:

With this new skills-based endorsement feature the reciprocity is obvious. Every LinkedIn user has a set of skills claimed. Every other user can endorse those skills. So it’s “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours,” built in. Do I want to endorse people who endorse me? Yes, of course I do. Who has the most endorsements? The person who has given the most endorsements to other people.
There’s nothing new about the principle involved. It started with Facebook likes, evolved into twitter retweets. Like me, I’ll like you back. Retweet me, and I’ll retweet you back. The new LinkedIn feature looks to me like they saw how well the Klout topics-based +K feature was working, and made theirs even easier than Klout.
This should have been obvious all along, but I like the reminder, with what LinkedIn just did.

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  1. And the process is even easier then writing a recommendation. Thou I still think written recommendations carry more weight. I have spent a significant amount of time updating the endorsement information on many of my contacts, I hope they do, as you write here as update mine. But I understand that people have lots on their plates also.

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