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The stairway to social media success

Ever wondered how to master online marketing? I recently read a great piece on The Huffington Post, titled: “3 Steps to Becoming a Digital Marketing Expert”, by Sajeel Qureshi. We want to share these steps with you, and add our own advice about social media for your small business:
1. Define it
“You need to identify what area of digital marketing you specifically want to be good at.”
Decide which area you want to excel in, what strategies you’re going to use, and how you’re going to execute them. One good way to get started might be to create an online marketing business plan. It could be a general one or specifically targeted for social media, online ads, SEO, your website, etc.
This plan or list can: define your immediate and long-term goals; identify which industry your business belongs in; who your customers are; and what your ultimate aim is. For example, do you want to earn more money, build brand awareness, or grow your customer base? (It could be one or all of those).
2.  Endure
“Becoming a digital marketing expert is a lesson in patience and persistence… You’ll need to practice, apply, regroup and retry.”
There will be mistakes, there will be failures, and there’ll be (lots of) frustration. But remember this: practice, persevere, and be patient. Test out different strategies; if one fails, don’t immediately give up on it. See if you can modify it to suit your business needs.
Do online research; see what’s worked before and come up with your own ideas. Ask family, friends, trusted clients, and even competitors for advice and feedback.
3. Opportunity
“… try new avenues. Start with a small budget of time, money and an open mind… Leverage whatever opportunities you’ve been blessed with…”
Be open to any and every opportunity. Take a chance – it might seem risky, but it could turn out to be a blessing for your business. Learn: there are countless online resources that can help you make the most of your social media marketing. Many courses, articles, and video tutorials are all available for free.
Finally, put in the hard work and you’ll be glad you did. Or at the very least, you’ll learn something that will benefit your business in the long run.

We already know that having a digital presence – especially on social media – is vital to boosting your business. Sajeel’s suggested steps are great advice, but there’s just one little problem: It takes time and effort to establish yourself online. Time and effort which you might not have, because:

  1. You’re too busy focusing on your work,
  2. The idea of social media marketing scares you, or
  3. Simply, you don’t have the time. You’re already too busy.

So then what’s your other option?
It’s worthwhile to get someone to do it for you. For example, Have Presence offers small business owners a 3-step social media business process. We plan, set up, and manage your social media accounts, with regular and valuable updates.
Your business goals are our top priority; we get you the results you want and need, by providing social media business services that are tailored for you.
Whether you decide to let us help you or take on social media yourself, it’s important to get online – quickly, strategically, and consistently. Your business needs to be on top, and social media marketing has become one of the most crucial steps to success.

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