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Strategic Social Media Success in No Time

HavePresence handles all social media for your business, so you can spend time doing everything else a small business owner has to accomplish each day. Social media success can be yours and you don’t have to spend the time to make it happen. We do it for you.
We make the time, so you make the money

3-Step Social Media Management Process

Our unique 3-Step Social Media Process guarantees that you get social media management services you can trust from a professional organization that understands your business needs and goals. Here is how it works:
Step 1: Strategic Focus
Unlike other social media management providers who focus on publishing a specific number of tweets, Facebook posts, and so on each day, HavePresence guarantees that every content and conversation that comes from your brand is published in order to help you reach your business goals.
Step 2: Consultative Approach
We work with you to fully understand your business, customers, competitors, marketing plan, and strategic objectives. When you hire HavePresence , we are with you every step of the way to ensure your social media content helps to get you closer to meeting those objectives.
Step 3: Quality Results
You get detailed analysis and reports that show you exactly what HavePresence advises and is doing to develop your social media presence and relationships with consumers and influencers. You can trust that HavePresence will always publish quality content that builds your brand reputation.

Here Is What HavePresence Can Do for Your Business

  • Publish content to your business Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ profiles and pages.
  • Share content, comment on content, and respond to comments from other people.
  • Find the right people to follow.
  • Monitor keywords and conversations related to your business and join conversations as appropriate.
  • Analyze performance and provide recommendations to improve results.

Here Is What You Get:

  • Free up your schedule. We do the work for you.
  • Peace-of-mind that your brand is represented professionally.
  • Monthly reports so you know what you’re paying for.
  • More website traffic thanks to an improved social media presence.
  • Deeper relationships with consumers and influencers that lead to word-of-mouth marketing and more sales.

Ready to take the burden of daily social media management off your plate? Don’t waste anymore time! Contact HavePresence now and we can put together the plan that works for you and your business.

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