Storytelling: Getting to the Heart of Business Strategy

“Stories are the oldest and probably the best way to communicate ideas, truths, and beliefs. Stories are powerful.” Stories appeal to most—if not all—audiences, and storytelling is the most genuine way you can sell someone the idea of your business. In his post on Lean Business Planning, Tim Berry talks about “stories as strategy”—specifically business Read more about Storytelling: Getting to the Heart of Business Strategy[…]

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How to Keep Your Clients Happy (Without Compromising Your Happiness!)

“Keeping your clients happy is an art in itself, involving skills that you acquire with time and experience. It’s something essential to your business that will ensure satisfaction for your client and make your life easier.”  It may seem impossible to reach a point where both you and your client(s) are equally happy with the terms Read more about How to Keep Your Clients Happy (Without Compromising Your Happiness!)[…]

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Do You Need a Business Partner?

“Do I need a business partner?” That’s a question that many solo entrepreneurs are faced with when starting a new venture or even when their business is taking off and they find that they need help in one way or another. To find the right answer, ask yourself these questions: Do you like having complete Read more about Do You Need a Business Partner?[…]


The Quick Guide to Pricing: How Much Should You Charge?

As a business owner, it’s really one of the toughest questions you’ll have to face. But it demands an answer. An answer that, truthfully, no one except yourself can provide. That being said, there are definitely some practical pricing guidelines that can help you set a fee that won’t sell yourself short nor be unrealistically high. Read more about The Quick Guide to Pricing: How Much Should You Charge?[…]

Don’t kill yourself over a startup

“Imagine your life many years from now, when the time you have left is best measured in weeks or months instead of years and decades, and 2015 is a distant fading memory. What moments will stand out to you?  Do you really think it’s going to be that time, all those years ago, when your Read more about Don’t kill yourself over a startup[…]

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2015: The year to launch your business

The start of a new year is an excellent time to begin something big; an excuse to take risks. If you’ve been putting it off, Mike Templeman from Entrepreneur suggests some  very good reasons to make 2015 the year you finally start that business. 1. The economy It’s no surprise that when times are hard, Read more about 2015: The year to launch your business[…]

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What you don’t know about running a business

Here’s an old statistic for you: 95% of businesses will not even last 5 years. Even if that’s an exaggeration, there’s no doubt that it’s certainly tough to start and run a business, and that the failure rate is particularly high for startups and small businesses. And the reasons that immediately spring to my mind Read more about What you don’t know about running a business[…]

Organize your start-up: Part 2

In this post we’ll take a look at how you can organize your start-up in terms of communication, time management, and your team. COMMUNICATION & TIME MANAGEMENT Effective communication and optimal time use go hand in hand. Disorganization happens when people aren’t clear on goals, requirements, and strategies. When delegating tasks to your team members, Read more about Organize your start-up: Part 2[…]

The Big 3 of Business Finance

Your small business needs a financial check-up. With the advent of online marketing, it’s become a habit assess the success of a business by monitoring website analytics, social media stats, or conversion rates. But in his post, “How Healthy Is Your Small Business?”, Martin Kamenski reminds us to examine the financial health of our business, Read more about The Big 3 of Business Finance[…]

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Score goals in business management

Being the daughter of an entrepreneur, I don’t like the thought of associating children with business. However, Tim Berry makes some excellent points in his post, “5 Small Business Management Lessons Learned While Coaching Kids”. During the time he coached his kids’ soccer team, Tim was also building his own business, and he found that certain aspects Read more about Score goals in business management[…]