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Why Your Business Should Not Engage in Politics

As the U.S. presidential elections draw closer, I’ve noticed that many businesses, whose products and services have absolutely nothing to do with politics, are either posting about or interacting with political content on social media. And I’m not talking about office politics here. I am referring to real-world—“Is Trump the reincarnation of Hitler?”—politics. I’ve been Read more about Why Your Business Should Not Engage in Politics[…]

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Score goals in business management

Being the daughter of an entrepreneur, I don’t like the thought of associating children with business. However, Tim Berry makes some excellent points in his post, “5 Small Business Management Lessons Learned While Coaching Kids”. During the time he coached his kids’ soccer team, Tim was also building his own business, and he found that certain aspects Read more about Score goals in business management[…]

Think You Could Run a Business?

Think again. I’d say that being a business owner is a profession on its own – a multi-faceted and demanding one at that. The truth is, only you can determine whether you’ll make a good businessperson or not. Ticking off a checklist of entrepreneurial traits does not make you the ideal entrepreneur. And a few Read more about Think You Could Run a Business?[…]

Jumping over small business hurdles: Part 5

Working with employees is one thing, but working with co-owners, co-founders, or partners is something else entirely. For starters, the latter are people who should be as invested as you are, if not more. And ultimately, all of you should have the same ambition: to see the small business succeed. So how does one optimize Read more about Jumping over small business hurdles: Part 5[…]