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Improve Your Social Media Engagement with these 5 Steps

Even if your social media posts are getting plenty of impressions, users need to interact with them in order to perform a desired action (signups, downloads, purchases, etc.). This means that you need comments, shares/retweets/pins, likes/hearts and especially clicks if you’re directing them to a website, for example. Although each site is different, there are Read more about Improve Your Social Media Engagement with these 5 Steps[…]

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Is Your Social Media Manager the One?

Social media strategist/marketer, online community manager, new media evangelist—whatever you call them, it’s always good to have one on your team. If you have a small business or startup, handing over you social media tasks to someone else can be time-consuming, resource-draining and risky. So whether you’re planning to hire one or have already, here’s how Read more about Is Your Social Media Manager the One?[…]

Shortened URLs: Yes or No?

Shortened links are a contentious subject. And with the advent of social media – especially Twitter and its length-restricted posts – the debate on URL length intensified. In this post, we’ll discuss why you should or shouldn’t use them. So what are some of the options are out there? Bitly TinyURL via Hootsuite Read more about Shortened URLs: Yes or No?[…]

Don’t feed the trolls… starve and slay them

Anyone who’s spent even one day browsing through social media sites will have come across an Internet troll. Online trolls or spammers (there is a difference between the two, but we should mostly deal with both in the same way) have one aim: to disrupt. Their comments on blogs, posts, and forums can range from Read more about Don’t feed the trolls… starve and slay them[…]

Google Plus your business

When the phrase ‘Google Plus’ first started popping up, I was angry. “Doesn’t it have enough power?” I thought. “Google can’t pretend to do everything.” I thought its social network was going to be so lame. Well that ‘lame’ thing soon proved me wrong. My anger watered down to mild irritation, which in turn dissolved Read more about Google Plus your business[…]

Business Social Media is Inevitable

David Lacker reviews and summarizes Stanford research on business social media at the highest business levels. Key findings: most companies are using social media, but it doesn’t get up to the board level. It’s new, interesting, but they’re waiting. Social media scares companies. But… I think it is inevitable that [social media] is going to Read more about Business Social Media is Inevitable[…]