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Name Your Business in 5 Steps

Coming up with a business name is not exactly the easiest part of setting up your company. There’s the process of brainstorming a unique yet reasonable name but, even if you already some fantastic idea(s) in mind, you still have to contend with the factors of legality and availability. However, Nellie Akalp has come up with Read more about Name Your Business in 5 Steps[…]

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How to Make Better Decisions for Your Business

A single decision can be responsible for the success or downfall of your business. That may sound a bit extreme, but the agony of knowing whether or not you made the right choice in any given situation is unavoidable, and something that business owners have to face on a continual basis. Such decisions have the Read more about How to Make Better Decisions for Your Business[…]

small talk

Small Talk Plays a Big Role in Business

I can’t stand small talk. For me, it’s an awkward waste of time, regardless of whether we’re chatting about the weather, your kids or something that’s going on in the news. But maybe it’s also because I’m not very good at it. So I’ve opted for a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to anything business-related… which works Read more about Small Talk Plays a Big Role in Business[…]

working from home

Best Practices for Working from Home

Working from home can be a convenient experience that saves you both time and money, but it also has several downsides. If you are wondering how to monitor employees working from home then that’s an issue that lots of businesses are facing with so many staff now working from home so that is well worth looking Read more about Best Practices for Working from Home[…]

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Do You Need a Business Partner?

“Do I need a business partner?” That’s a question that many solo entrepreneurs are faced with when starting a new venture or even when their business is taking off and they find that they need help in one way or another. To find the right answer, ask yourself these questions: Do you like having complete Read more about Do You Need a Business Partner?[…]

business name

The Dos & Don’ts of Choosing a Business Name

Choosing a name may seem like the least urgent and least worrying thing when setting up your business; however, it has the potential to make or break your brand. This list will not go into the legalities of selecting a name—registering, protecting, trademarks or copyright—but instead offers naming suggestions by considering aspects like availability, language, Read more about The Dos & Don’ts of Choosing a Business Name[…]


7 Surprising Traits of an Entrepreneur

We often have set definitions or expectations of what a certain type of person should be like. But it’s surprising how some characteristics―that might seem unfit for a particular role―can be the very ones that are perfectly suited to it. Take entrepreneurship, for example. If you think that some of your personality traits might hold Read more about 7 Surprising Traits of an Entrepreneur[…]

The Big 3 of Business Finance

Your small business needs a financial check-up. With the advent of online marketing, it’s become a habit assess the success of a business by monitoring website analytics, social media stats, or conversion rates. But in his post, “How Healthy Is Your Small Business?”, Martin Kamenski reminds us to examine the financial health of our business, Read more about The Big 3 of Business Finance[…]

Ensnare your readers: The art of content creation

We’ve already heard that in the digital space, ‘content is king’. But this king can’t rule the online kingdom without loyal subjects: the readers. Whether you’re crafting content for an in-depth blog post, or thinking of a short tweet to send out, it’s essential that first and foremost, you keep the target audience in mind. Read more about Ensnare your readers: The art of content creation[…]