google minus or google+

Minus one for Google+

It was clear that Google+ was never going to be a hit like Facebook or Pinterest, but I really thought it would gain momentum eventually. I certainly didn’t foresee that it would end so soon. News is quickly spreading that the Google+ platform will be done away with and its features will be split up Read more about Minus one for Google+[…]

+1 for Google Plus polls

Did you notice that Google Plus quietly introduced polls for posts? If you’re on Google+ for business social media, you can now ask for opinions & preferences from your audience. It’s not a groundbreaking feature; Facebook offered the same for some time, but they ended up removing the option to post polls. The poll feature Read more about +1 for Google Plus polls[…]

Google Plus your business

When the phrase ‘Google Plus’ first started popping up, I was angry. “Doesn’t it have enough power?” I thought. “Google can’t pretend to do everything.” I thought its social network was going to be so lame. Well that ‘lame’ thing soon proved me wrong. My anger watered down to mild irritation, which in turn dissolved Read more about Google Plus your business[…]