Social Media Back Scratching Explosion

(Sung to the tune of Reciprocity, from Chicago) I think it’s brilliant: there, in a nutshell, LinkedIn points out one of the key drivers of social media: reciprocity. Here’s the picture: With this new skills-based endorsement feature the reciprocity is obvious. Every LinkedIn user has a set of skills claimed. Every other user can endorse Read more about Social Media Back Scratching Explosion[…]

Klout Puts Metrics Into Social Media Management

I really like for three good reasons: 1.) it’s about measuring online influence and I’m big on metrics as a key element of business planning; 2.) it’s a great example of a strong startup based on need — entrepreneur Joe Fernandez building something he wanted to use, and getting VC funding; and 3.) they Read more about Klout Puts Metrics Into Social Media Management[…]