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4 Keys to Successful LinkedIn Content

Many businesses don’t pay much attention to LinkedIn content marketing because it doesn’t seem to have the impact that, for example, Facebook and Twitter do. But LinkedIn is an excellent tool for creating, publishing and promoting business content, as well as driving traffic to your website. Below are some tips by Andy Beohar who, in Read more about 4 Keys to Successful LinkedIn Content[…]

LinkedIn tips for small businesses

LinkedIn can be a tricky site for social media marketing. Even big businesses may have little or no engagement on their posts. However, there are a few things that small businesses can do to make the most out of LinkedIn as a platform. 1. Know your target audience very well. This is not really a Read more about LinkedIn tips for small businesses[…]

linkedin for small businesses

Is LinkedIn any good for small businesses?

When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn tends to get brushed aside to make way for more popular and more fruitful platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you have a small business, it might be more difficult to find any value in LinkedIn (even Google+ seems to have more benefits, such as Read more about Is LinkedIn any good for small businesses?[…]

Developing Your Social Media Platform Focus

(Note: this is the third in a series on developing a social media business plan. The first was about the market-defining story and the second about a social media SWOT analysis.)  So, as a business owner looks into the world of social media, there are five big social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Read more about Developing Your Social Media Platform Focus[…]

Social Media Business Primer: Basic Vocabulary

Don’t you hate it when everybody is using buzzwords and you don’t know which to use when, or what they mean? Social media is easy. If you’re new to it, here’s some help with the basic vocabulary. The top five social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus (also called Google+). All Read more about Social Media Business Primer: Basic Vocabulary[…]

Social Media Back Scratching Explosion

(Sung to the tune of Reciprocity, from Chicago) I think it’s brilliant: there, in a nutshell, LinkedIn points out one of the key drivers of social media: reciprocity. Here’s the picture: With this new skills-based endorsement feature the reciprocity is obvious. Every LinkedIn user has a set of skills claimed. Every other user can endorse Read more about Social Media Back Scratching Explosion[…]

Social Media is the Brush, Not the Painting

On one hand, twitter (or Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc) offers a positive change in business landscape, a brave new world of business possibilities, and you’re crazy to ignore it. On the other, it’s just a distraction, a shiny new thing, that gets in the way of the real business. Can both hands be right? Yes. Read more about Social Media is the Brush, Not the Painting[…]

2 Pictures, 200 Words, Lots of Ideas.

Pictures, words, lots of ideas. If one picture equals 1,000 words, how many ideas does it generate? Is there a transitive property there? I had time over the weekend to pick up two unrelated pictures. Each covers something entirely different. Both are full of ideas. The first, a chart by Seth Godin: This is one Read more about 2 Pictures, 200 Words, Lots of Ideas.[…]

Our Recommendation About Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Earlier this year I was in a classroom full of entrepreneurial MBA students, as a guest speaker, answering their questions about me and Palo Alto Software and, my blogging, and so forth. When they asked me how I managed my online self in social media,my response went something like this: I don’t do social Read more about Our Recommendation About Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn[…]