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Improve Your Social Media Engagement with these 5 Steps

Even if your social media posts are getting plenty of impressions, users need to interact with them in order to perform a desired action (signups, downloads, purchases, etc.). This means that you need comments, shares/retweets/pins, likes/hearts and especially clicks if you’re directing them to a website, for example. Although each site is different, there are Read more about Improve Your Social Media Engagement with these 5 Steps[…]

2 Pictures, 200 Words, Lots of Ideas.

Pictures, words, lots of ideas. If one picture equals 1,000 words, how many ideas does it generate? Is there a transitive property there? I had time over the weekend to pick up two unrelated pictures. Each covers something entirely different. Both are full of ideas. The first, a chart by Seth Godin: This is one Read more about 2 Pictures, 200 Words, Lots of Ideas.[…]

Business Guide to Twitter Metrics

One of the first things we need, working with social media for small business, is a way to measure and understand results. For that, we like Megan Berry’s post Business Guide to Twitter Metrics published earlier this week on the Huffington Post. Megan reviews half a dozen alternatives for measuring social media output, with pros and cons Read more about Business Guide to Twitter Metrics[…]

Klout Puts Metrics Into Social Media Management

I really like for three good reasons: 1.) it’s about measuring online influence and I’m big on metrics as a key element of business planning; 2.) it’s a great example of a strong startup based on need — entrepreneur Joe Fernandez building something he wanted to use, and getting VC funding; and 3.) they Read more about Klout Puts Metrics Into Social Media Management[…]