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SO helpful. This is short, authoritative, and actionable – Love it!Testimonials? Yes, thanks for asking. First, Cindy’s quote here, after receiving her social media plan for http://www.coachingalaska.com. And beyond that, more facts and figures … here are some things we’ve done:

  1. The @TimBerry persona on Twitter: More than 15,000 followers. Named one of the 100 top small business influencers in 2011, and a judge of that contest in 2012. Business Week included this one in its list of the top 20 entrepreneurs to follow, Business Insider did the same, and the New York Times You’re the Boss blog included Palo Alto Software as one of the top 11 companies to follow, specifically because of @TimBerry. The Twitter account has led to a stream of blog posts, interviews, podcasts, and other mentions. The business objective is thought leadership and traffic on the bplans.com, liveplan.com, and paloalto.com websites. And, ultimately, sales of software. Klout of 64+. Also the Tim Rebelmouse page.
  2. Laura’s @LauraBerry123 persona on Twitter: Started in March of 2012 and had more than 1,000 followers by September. This is Laura’s mostly-personal account, although it follows our sense of authenticity and business persona, in this case with special emphasis on a Spanish-speaking persona. Laura was born in Mexico, is bilingual, and taught Spanish for a few years. Klout of 38+.
  3. The @LivePlan and @bplans Twitter accounts supporting Palo Alto Software. 600+ and 5000+ followers, respectively. Klout of 50+ and 55+, respectively. Also the Bplans Facebook page.
  4. The @womenonbusiness Twitter account. 8,570+ followers and Klout of 61+. We also set up the womenonbusiness Rebelmouse page.
  5. @willamettescore for the southern Willamette Valley chapter of the SBA-sponsored SCORE (service corps of retired executives). We set up the twitter and Facebook pages, we do the tweeting sometimes.
  6. @saldanahm on Twitter. We set up the account, we share the updates. We also set up  the corresponding Rebelmouse page.
  7. For ourselves: @HavePresenceLLC on Twitter. Plus this website, our blog at smbplans.com, and also Have Presence LLC on Facebook,  Google+,  and Rebelmouse. And the social media business plan (@smbplans) persona on Twitter as well, related to our social media business plan product, which we develop on smbplans.com.

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