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The Keys to Keywords

Keywords and keyword research are two of the most essential components of a website’s ranking and traffic. Not only are they crucial for SEO, but they also help you to learn more about your target consumer in the process. Below are some of the key facts and steps to take when searching for and using keywords.

Why are keywords important?

  • They help determine your website’s ranking in Google’s search results
  • They can place you above your competitors
  • They can attract a significant amount of traffic as well as the right kind of traffic from your target audience—people who are looking for your products and services

How do I find the right keywords?

  • Brainstorm every word and phrase that’s related to or relevant for your business, including niche and broad connotations
  • Look at the keywords your competitors are using—you can do this by viewing the “page source” of their home page and, if available, check out their tags/keywords and meta description
  • Research your market and ask customers what they search for
  • Consider the related searches at the bottom of a page of search results

What keyword research tools are out there?

I have my keywords – now what do I do with them?

  • Use them in the fields that your site or blog provides – page titles, urls, headings (H1 tags), meta description, etc.
  • Your content should be keyword-rich, for example: in your blog posts, as the “alt text” of images, as well as media files that you upload
  • The links to related content should contain keywords

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