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3 Trends to Revive Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2017

It’s quite depressing when you invest time, money and energy into producing what you think is a great piece of content, only to have a few or even zero users engage with it. Despite research and trying new strategies, this fruitless process can soon become a cycle of disappoint.
So where does the problem lie—with your content? Shivam Trika from Interakt doesn’t think so. “The dynamic nature of content is what you have to shake hands with if you need to get a couple of more eyes on what you write,” he says.
So the problem is that with the fast-paced world of content marketing, trends change or develop so quickly that it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with them let alone stay ahead of them. That being said, there are three content marketing trends that Shivam anticipates will work for you in 2017:

Trend 1: Paying for Exposure

It was not so long ago that a primary content marketing goal was to increase one’s organic reach on major social networks. But with the incredible amount of content that’s being published on an hourly and daily basis, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly relying on algorithms to determine what content gets shown to users.
Recency, relevancy and even engagement are not enough anymore to ensure that your post stays on top of the feed—and perhaps your content won’t get shown to your audience at all. Unfortunately, this means that brands/businesses need to pay up to secure their reach. Although this means you’ll have to make allowances in your marketing budget, at least it will guarantee some decent visibility.

Trend 2: The Rise of Storytelling

Stories appeal to most if all not all human beings because they’re personal, engaging and relatable. Listicles, white papers and how-to blog posts have their place, but they don’t have that compelling factor that are inherent to stories.
And with that, storytelling is becoming an increasingly essential component of business strategy. Sharing an experience with your audience is the best way to connect with them, so don’t stick to “academic” writing and cold, hard data forever. Craft a story that’s emotional or entertaining, believable, and that has some sort of takeaway for its readers.

Trend 3: Creating Multimedia Content

This is nothing new, but images are powerful in their message-conveying ability, something that plain text just can’t stand up to. For best results, experiment and combine different media to appeal to a wider range of users.
From GIFs and videos to podcasting and Facebook’s 360-degree photographs, multimedia content—especially anything visual—should take priority in your content strategy. Sure, these will take a little more effort to produce, but are much more likely to capture your target audience’s attention.

What content marketing trends do you predict will dominate 2017?

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