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Newbie Blogging Mistake 5: Not Promoting and Not Engaging

In the other posts in this series, I discussed newbie blogging mistakes such as ignoring the design of your blog, overdoing SEO, not having a niche, etc.
This time, I want to take a look at the mistakes that new bloggers make after they get the actual writing out of the way and publish their post.

Forgetting to Promote Posts

You have to promote your own posts, because the chances are—especially if you’re just starting out—that no one will do it for you. When your audience base is so small, how else are you going to bring in new readers and reach people who you think will benefit from your blog?
There are a number of platforms through which you can share your post: social media, online forums, emails and newsletters. Check out these great resources to help you with that content marketing. Whichever platforms you choose, though, use them wisely; you don’t want to come across as over-promotional or, worse, spammy.
And don’t forget to make it easy for others to market your content. One simple way to do this is by adding social media sharing options on every relevant page of your site (especially each blog post). This is convenient and encourages readers to share your post. Just remember to place the buttons in a prominent place, e.g. top left-hand side of the post.

Not Engaging with Readers

Some people forget that blogs constitute a social media tool. And social media is supposed to be social! Ignoring your readers, however, is not just a mistake that newbie bloggers make. I’ve noticed that even people whose job it is to be engaging, like a social media coach, don’t reply to comments! However, high-profile bloggers can usually get away with ignoring their readers. New writers… not so much.
Comments from readers shouldn’t be underestimated: they can bring in more site visitors, help to establish professional relationships, and even give you inspiration for your next blog post. Your comments section is the primary way to engage with your audience, so disabling this feature is the last thing you want to do.
Apart from trolls, take the time to answer every comment; if other readers see that the author of the post responds often, it may encourage them to leave their feedback, questions or insight. This applies to comments on social media posts as well. When replying, give only useful, insightful input; just saying one-liners like “thanks for your comment” is not good enough.

Remember: the work doesn’t end once you’ve published your post! You need to promote your content and engage with those who read it.

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