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What to post on your Facebook business page

We’ve talked about why organic reach on Facebook is plummeting. But how do you get around this?
There are many ways that you can increase your reach and engage more fans. Most importantly, your actual content is what determines your audience’s interest and draws clicks, likes, comments, and shares.
Here we’ll give you examples of the types of content and posts that you can update your page with.
Helpful information 
If people believe that they’re going to get something valuable out of your page, they will like, follow, and engage with your posts. So what’s ‘useful’ to your fans?

  • If you own, say, a business related to the pet care industry, you could post tips on how to groom a dog.
  • If you sell silverware, a guide on polishing such items would come in handy.
  • If you run a marketing company, your target audience would be interested in an article about online ads.

Similarly, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and other relevant (and free) resources will always appeal to followers. The best thing to do is provide a link to the information – accompanied by a short text contextualizing it.
Videos, of tutorials for example, also work well; by uploading one to the page itself, your fans don’t have to leave Facebook in order to watch the vid.
Interactive posts 
There are, of course, a number of things that encourage engagement. This would be content that prompts people to comment on & share the post. Some examples are:
1. Photos: It’s a fact that humans are visual creatures, and more so when they’re online. Images especially tend to garner many likes. If you’re a small business with a supportive customer base, pictures of your team, work environment, and products work well.
Humorous/cute photos (related to your service) are also great. If you can share interesting infographics, that would be best; these combine graphics and useful information, presented to the audience in a compelling way.
2. Questions: Many online resources claim that asking questions lead to the most engagement (not just ‘yes/no’ ones). You can do this by having poll, asking for opinions on products, and so forth. This doesn’t work for everyone though, and I’d suggest you limit how many times you ask something per week. But don’t feel discouraged if no one answers!
3. News/events: Any industry-specific updates are significant for your fans. Also, wishing your fans a happy holiday on special occasions – such as Thanksgiving or Christmas – is a must! 
Business offers 
Seeing as a Facebook business page is centered on your business, it would be a waste to not mention any special deals that your company might have going on! After all, this is why many fans ‘like’ business pages.
So this is your space to market promotions, competitions, and discounts on your products and/or services. Be very careful not to sound spammy or too much like an advert though, as starting from Jan 1st, you’ll be penalized for this!
Things to test & try 

  • Link-only posts
  • Text-only posts
  • Short/long descriptions
  • Switching up tone & style (formal vs. smiley faces)
  • The times & frequency of your posts

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Happy holidays from all of us at Have Presence!

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