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Your Small Business Brand Story in 3 Steps

“The great thing about business storytelling is that it’s about more than just the numbers. It can also lead to better conversions, more sales, and increased brand equity. But storytelling goes deeper than that. It goes beyond individual marketing campaigns and digital ads to the beating heart of your business.”
What’s a small business to do in a world overrun by hot new startups and immovable corporate giants? How do you get people invested in your story?
When it comes to your small business brand, there are 3 essential storytelling components that you need to take into account…

1. Know thyself

Have you figured out who you are and what you do? The answer does not simply lie with your product or service; it’s your mission and the motivation behind it. It’s why you do what you do. (And the reason shouldn’t be just focused around making money!)
Think about why you started this business in the first place, how your journey has been since the start—and what makes your story unique.

2. Know thy audience

This is arguably as important as the first point, because “your customer’s story is your story”. And if you’ve done your research, you’ll know exactly who your target and existing customers are, as well as what their problem is, how you can solve it, and why they should choose you above competitors.
So, what if you have groups of vastly different audiences? Well you can do two things: you can find the one aspect of your business that will attract all of them, or you can convey your brand message in different segments according to each audience.

3. Build a bridge

Now we come to the part where you actually tell your story. And where, in your story, does your customer fit in?
Focus too much on yourself, and the audience will feel excluded; focus too much on selling to your audience, and you risk your message becoming a canned marketing ploy.
“A great brand story sits at the intersection of who you are and what your audience craves. The key is to keep these forces in balance.”
So be honest, be genuine, and remember to tell your brand’s story by keeping the needs and interests of your customers in mind.

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