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3 Small Business Social Media Cases

Our thanks to @Garyvee and The Small Biz Club for these three real cases of small business social media in action. Everybody loves real cases.
Gary is the author of social media books Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, The Thank You Economy, and Crush it, and is a well-known speaker on social media. He knows small business social media very well.

  1. Lethal Performance photoHe has a mixed review of LethalPerformance work with Instagram (the illustration on this post). He says “their jabs (posts, pictures) are perfect for the platform, giving viewers what they want, and looking good doing it.” However, he adds: “What if someone sees this and wants to buy. What then? There is no link for them to do so.”
  2.  He loves what Horsefeathers Gifts is doing on Facebook. “Their feed basically acts as a laundry list of ‘Things every brand should be doing on Facebook.’ The voice and the content both give you a clear idea of their personality, the creative is an almost perfect mix of product shots, quotes, and candid photos, and the Right Hooks are short, have clear CTAs and even contain things like coupon codes.”
  3. Lethal Performance photoHe has similar praise for what Tender Green is doing with Instagram. “These photos are absolutely insane. It’s not likely that a business of this size can afford a professional food photographer, so tons of kudos to whomever is taking these shots.”

And he includes a good tip too, for Instagram users: “I want you all to check out www.statigram.com and search for a few terms that are related to your field.”
(Images courtesy of Instagram)

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