How to Quickly Build Backlinks to Your Site

High-quality backlinks are a staple of any SEO plan. If many related and reputable websites link back to yours, you have a good chance of ranking high in search results for relevant keywords. In this post, we’ll list some quick and easy ways to build backlinks to your site. First, there are a few things Read more about How to Quickly Build Backlinks to Your Site[…]

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How to Make the Most of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has over a billion active users every day, ranging from students and parents to business owners and celebrity figures. Even if only a fraction of this number meets your target audience’s profile, that’s still a lot of people who could potentially buy your products, download your app, or read your blog posts. With that Read more about How to Make the Most of Facebook Advertising[…]


Newbie Blogging Mistake 5: Not Promoting and Not Engaging

In the other posts in this series, I discussed newbie blogging mistakes such as ignoring the design of your blog, overdoing SEO, not having a niche, etc. This time, I want to take a look at the mistakes that new bloggers make after they get the actual writing out of the way and publish their Read more about Newbie Blogging Mistake 5: Not Promoting and Not Engaging[…]

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4 Keys to Successful LinkedIn Content

Many businesses don’t pay much attention to LinkedIn content marketing because it doesn’t seem to have the impact that, for example, Facebook and Twitter do. But LinkedIn is an excellent tool for creating, publishing and promoting business content, as well as driving traffic to your website. Below are some tips by Andy Beohar who, in Read more about 4 Keys to Successful LinkedIn Content[…]

The best for your business: select a social media platform

We’ve spoken about picking social media platforms before, but there are specific kinds of businesses that do particularly well on certain social network sites. Neil Patel, from, has compiled an infographic (below) outlining which social media platforms are best suited to your business. The most important points to take away are: 1. Twitter Because Read more about The best for your business: select a social media platform[…]

Let’s hash out the #hashtag

Hashtags are becoming more and more popular because they’re no longer limited to Twitter; now they’ve spread to most major social networks. If you haven’t been using them as part of your social media strategy, you’re missing out on getting the best possible results for your business posts. What’s a hashtag? It’s a word or Read more about Let’s hash out the #hashtag[…]

Google Plus your business

When the phrase ‘Google Plus’ first started popping up, I was angry. “Doesn’t it have enough power?” I thought. “Google can’t pretend to do everything.” I thought its social network was going to be so lame. Well that ‘lame’ thing soon proved me wrong. My anger watered down to mild irritation, which in turn dissolved Read more about Google Plus your business[…]

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The “Social” in Social Media Marketing

What’s the difference between social media marketing and online marketing? One talks to their audience, the other talks down to them. Websites, emails, and banner ads all tell you about a company, but they don’t exchange views or information with you. Social media can be a part of your overall online marketing strategy, yet it’s different in Read more about The “Social” in Social Media Marketing[…]

Create the Ultimate Social Media Business Plan

You already know that business social media is inevitable. Your small business needs a marketing strategy, but where do you start? To help you develop a social media business plan, we’ve designed 6 easy but useful steps for you to consider. [If you prefer watching to reading, you can learn about the process here.] Let’s Read more about Create the Ultimate Social Media Business Plan[…]

3 Small Business Social Media Cases

Our thanks to @Garyvee and The Small Biz Club for these three real cases of small business social media in action. Everybody loves real cases. Gary is the author of social media books Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, The Thank You Economy, and Crush it, and is a well-known speaker on social media. He knows small business social Read more about 3 Small Business Social Media Cases[…]